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Publication Review
Wilfrid Duncombe
£2.00   A4, 18 pages, published 1990, 2nd edition 1993 (with name index)

The Hearth Tax Returns 1662-1671 for the parishes of Eynsford, Lullingstone and Farningham are reproduced in detail. This tax was levied from 1662 to 1689 at the rate of two shillings per hearth. This was paid by the occupier of the house in two instalments, at Lady Day and Michaelmas. Certain households, where the value of property was too low, or where they were receiving poor relief, were exempt. Two lists were prepared for the collection of the tax: assessments and actual payments, which sometimes included those households exempt. The collector was allowed 2 pence in the pound for his "paynes". The lists only give names of householders not houses but they do enable us to get some idea of the population of the villages. Eynsford with Lullingstone included the "hamlet" of Crockenhill which at that time included about 40% of the total householders. This information is interesting, but of limited use, but all that is available has been gathered in one place.

Bernard Barber
Adapted from the review in J. Kent History for March, 1994 p.19