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£2.50   A4, 38 pages, 15 illustrations, published 1996

If you have noticed the blue plaque on the cottage next to Unwins in Eynsford High Street and wondered about the story behind it, read Gwen McIntyre's lively account of the life of Peter Warlock and his friends in this, the Local History Society's latest publication. Gwen has produced a first rate paper inspired by her love of music and enriched by anecdotes from residents who knew him. Peter Warlock, it was said, once rode his motorbike in the nude, although this could not be verified, but did you know that motorbikes and even motor cars were made at Lullingstone in the first quarter of this century? Wilf Duncombe has researched the subject in detail for this issue and it should be of great interest to motoring enthusiasts. Of more general interest are Wilf's other contributions. The first, "Sixteenth century rentals of the manors of Eynsford Castle and Lullingstone" lists the tenants of the manors and is of particular interest in tracing the continuity of the names of some fields or properties for nearly four and a half centuries. The second, "An Eynsford Yeoman family - the Haywards ", gives an insight into the lives of a prosperous family who farmed in Eynsford for nearly two hundred years, and the third explores the origins of the name "Knatts Valley and Farm". Something for everyone, in fact, and well worth buying.

Joyce Ball
Review reprinted from The Trident magazine.