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OUR BYGONE YEARS IN PICTURES Publication withdrawn and out of print
£n/a   A5, 92 pages, 173 photos, published 2000

I found this book to be an attractively produced publication at a very reasonable price. The subject matter - a pictorial history of Eynsford, Farningham and locality - will be of interest to both locals and visitors to the area, and should make the book a popular item in local bookshops and newsagents. The quality and variety of the photographs - some dating back to the nineteenth century - provide an insight into life in the villages in years gone by. The identification of individuals in many of the pictures serves to enhance their potential interest to readers, as does the dating where it is provided. The context of the pictures might perhaps have been enhanced by means of a map and a more comprehensive contents page. I also felt the need for more written information to accompany the photographs, either provided next to them or in a separate cross-referenced section. All in all a useful contribution to the historical record of the area.

Richard Boxall
Review reprinted from J. Kent History September 2001