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A HISTORY OF FARNINGHAM Withdrawn, see No 16
Reg Nightingale (Editor)
£n/a   A5, 26 pages, published 1994

This is a publication which has just been re-issued by the Society. It was originally compiled to mark an exhibition in 1936 but this new edition contains an introduction which describes how the information originally came together. Few family names are still in the village after 400 years so it is interesting to read that the name 'Everest' appears in a Parish Register of 1595; there are, however, in 1994, many 'newcomers' who may be surprised to read of the public transport of 166 years ago when four coaches ran regularly throughout the day from Maidstone to London (changing horses at Farningham). Those visiting London from the village today may be envious of such a facility! Over the centuries 'Farningham' has been written many ways: Fern., Frem., Frenn., or Faern-ingham, Ferl., Forn. or Fren-ingeham, Frenigeham or even Fremgahame. Because 'Frem' is Saxon for 'foreign' it is suggested that foreign invaders sailing up the river Darent decided - like us - that it was a congenial place to make their home (i.e. 'ham'). The booklet contains gleanings of information from the time of the Roman occupation right through to the 20th century. Whether it is the story of the Bridge, Mill, Church or the land itself there is something in this little book to interest everyone.

Caroline Gould
Review reprinted from The Trident magazine.