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Publication Review
Ken Peters (Editor)
£2.00   A4, 32 pages, 8 illustrations, glossary and index, published 1994

This booklet records all references in Arch. Cant. to the four places named in its title. Where the information concerned is brief, it is set out in full, where the extract is only part of the relevant information, this is indicated. No doubt users of this booklet will take the precaution of checking the volume of Arch. Cant. concerned, to put into a context the information mentioned. In the introduction, Mr. Peters refers to the cumulative index volumes of Arch. Cant. not containing all the references contained in the indexes to the individual volumes covered, and goes on to say that consequently the index of each individual volume was checked. As some of the volumes of Arch. Cant., especially the earlier ones, have indexes that can best be described as idiosyncratic, it is to be hoped that Mr. Peters also checked the contents of each volume, to be sure that he caught all the references. He does not say. An index of all the published volumes of Arch. Cant., put together on a consistent and comprehensive basis, would greatly improve the usefulness of Arch. Cant. for those interested in particular areas or families. In the meantime, those working on the four places covered by Mr. Peters' booklet have to hand a very useful tool.

Adapted from the review in J. Kent History for March, 1995 p.21