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Publication Review
George Macknelly
£2.00   A5, 25 pages, 8 illustrations, plan of the church, published 1996, 2nd edition 1997

This publication by George Macknelly is, first and foremost, an engaging and enjoyable study. It divides the history of the Church into two periods, 1100 to 1550, and from 1550 to modern times. The first part documents the development of the Church building from its simple Norman structure through expansions and contractions to the final major alterations of Tudor times and the Church as we see it today. The second part focuses on the families and individuals who have influenced the course of history of St. Martin's Church and the community it has faithfully served, shown against the changing ecclesiastical, social and political background of the nation. This very well researched publication provides useful architectural information for the beginner and scholar alike and is liberally sprinkled with stories which really bring to life the history of this ancient village Church. Priced at 1.00, available from St. Martin's Church and elsewhere in the village, it is great value for money and I thoroughly recommend it.

Rev'd Richard Freeman (Rector of St. Martin's)
Review reprinted from The Trident magazine.