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Publication Review
Hilary and Wilfrid Harding
£2.50   A4, 29 pages, 31 sketches, 6 illustrations, 1 map, published 1996

Ever since the formation of the Local History Society in 1985, questions have been asked about the Pubs and Hostelries of Farningham. Where were the Farningham Races held etc.? Here we have the answers, and lots more, in this very readable booklet. It is excellently researched and written and provides a fascinating insight into Farningham's past. To spend a mere 2 to find out about the nine drinking haunts, their owners and customers is value indeed, and it is thoroughly recommended. Congratulations must go to Hilary and Wilfrid Harding on providing a most enlightening insight into Farningham's captivating history and for all the hard work involved.

Billie Parmenter
Amended review reprinted from The Trident magazine.